About Mainville &
Associates/Associés Inc.

The Firm

We are a professional corporation specializing in all areas of small business bookkeeping, accounting, and income tax services.

Our area of expertise lies specifically in full bookkeeping and payroll services, which gives our customers sound financial Information, tailored to their specific needs for each type of business. We offer professional and courteous bookkeeping technicians that specialize in QuickBooks, T-Sheets, Dext, Knitapps, among others.


Bookkeeping, Accounting, Payroll & Tax Services

We at Mainville & Associates/Associés Inc. provide bookkeeping, accounting and tax services for small businesses, individuals, and non-profit organizations. Our bookkeeping services will help you get started in the right direction and cover all your needs in order to keep your business balanced and successful. We seek to have a deep understanding of each customer's needs and opportunities so we can increase the value of our services to you.